14-Aug-2018Ocala, FL +10 milesBirds for Sale
Good Day, Everybody! I'm here to introduce myself, Gandolph, and my cute little pal, Pearl. I'm the good looking green feathered fellow otherwise known as a Jenday Conure. I am 16 yrs old which is still young, as we Jenday Conures can live to be 3...
8-Aug-2018Ocala, FL +10 milesBirds for Sale
Rescued from a starving farm. Sir Erick was 1 of the lucky ones. The turkey that lived at this farm was the only animal that had any weight... and it was because he was EATING the chickens. We managed to rescue about a half dozen chickens and Sir Eric was in the mixture. He is a very pretty boy. He has been doing much better in the time we have had him. He is wanting his own group of hens to ca...
8-Aug-2018Ocala, FL +10 milesBirds for Sale
LUCKY DUCKS! Saved from a farm of death and starvation.... a place where only the giant cannibalistic turkey was at a healthy weight. There were about ten birds saved from that place of doom. Peas and Carrots were among the lucky ones who survived the neglect. Peas was housed with an alpaca, who had become very protective of his duck. Carrots was kept with the horses (which were also skin and b...
10-Jun-2018Ocala, FL +10 milesBirds for Sale
Hi! My name is Volker and I am a Yellow Naped Amazon. I am 43 yrs young and young I am, because in captivity we can live to be 80yrs old. I have lots of years in front of me to be able to give someone lots of great times. I am a really precious, swe...
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